Brass Split Bolt Connector

We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporter and supplier of precision quality of Brass Split Bolts Connectors which is used for joining and tapping aerial hard drawn conductors. Our highly skilled staff design and develop these using high quality of brass and latest machine so it is made using high conductivity copper alloy with captive saddle, which applies a distributed pressure to conductors. These are widely use in different application as per its requirements. Our round head split bolts connectors are mostly used for insulated copper conductors or copper conductors. Its head are suitable for standard spanner to fit in to it.


  • Fine finish
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Highly resistant
  • High conductivity

Shape: Round and hexagonal shape

Material: High Tensile Brass

Finish: Natural Brass / Electro Tinned

Sizes: 10 mm2 to 500 mm2

Split Bolt Connectors Bolted Split Bolt Connectors
Main Conductor A mm2 Tap Conductor B mm2 Artical Number Main Conductor A mm2 Tap Conductor B mm2 Screw Type Artical Number
10 1.5-10 SBC10 10 1.5-10 M10 X 40mm BSBC10
16 2.5-16 SBC16 16 2.5-16 M10 X 40mm BSBC16
25 2.5-25 SBC25 25 2.5-25 M10 X 40mm BSBC25
35 2.5-35 SBC35 35 2.5-35 M10 X 40mm BSBC35
50 2.5-50 SBC50 50 2.5-50 M10 X 40mm BSBC50
70 2.5-70 SBC70 70 2.5-70 M10 X 40mm BSBC70
95 2.5-95 SBC95 95 2.5-95 M12 X 40mm BSBC95
120 10-120 SBC120 120 10-120 M12 X 40mm BSBC120
150 10-150 SBC150 150 10-150 M12 X 40mm BSBC150
185 50-185 SBC185 185 50-185 M12 X 40mm BSBC185
240 95-240 SBC240 240 95-240 M12 X 40mm BSBC240