Bhanu Brass Industry certified with the honor of ISO 9001:2008 certifications and is doing successful business worldwide. Today company is manufacturing various components using non-ferrous metal. Our company has also made comprehensive investments in machines, instruments and processes. We are well equipped with our manufacturing unit, hot forging unit, debarring unit, quality control unit and testing laboratory. We have highly qualified team member, advance machinery and large quality control department so they produce precise and error free products at competitive price.

We can customize as per customers specifications and requirements. We give our products in different sizes, grades, threads and shape with different finishes like nickel, brass, copper, silver, chrome, tin and many more as per customers demand. Our quality products are exported in France, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Middle East, Japan, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Russia, Asian country, Italy and whole world in these competitive markets.

We esteem and listen to different opinion so we can constantly enhance the production we offer. We show our dedication to benefit ordinary by:

    1. Reacting To All Quotations Within 24 Hours Or Less
    2. Verify Every Order
    3. Offering The Shortest Delivery Times In The Industry
    4. Handover On-Time!

Why us?

    • High quality and to the specifications services.
    • Ability to handle any volumes.
    • Ability to handle most complex assignments.
    • Free & Quick Quote
    • Simple & Effective Pricing Structure.
    • Quick turnaround time.